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Pick-Up and Drop-Off Laundry Service in New York City, NY

NYC's #1 Mobile Laundry Service!
River Parkway Laundry is a professional full-service laundry and dry cleaners. We specialize in gyms, spas, doctor's offices, restaurants, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and general commercial and residential laundry. We offer dry cleaning of all kinds, as well as free pickup and delivery. We also rent tablecloths and linens for all occasions. We provide hand pressing and ironing. We can also provide alterations. ALL COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS ARE WELCOME!
We are your best source for dry cleaning and difficult stain removal. When it comes to getting your delicate shirts, dresses, slacks or blouses looking their best, without damaging the fabric; we have not met a stain we couldn't treat. Through a combination of percholoroethylene and other cleaning solvents, our process can help clean and remove stains from nearly anything, including cotton, silk, polyester and many, many others.

The way we look says a lot about us. Dirty, rumpled clothes or poorly treated fabric can have an adverse effect in our professional and personal lives; as a person is often viewed and judged by the way that they dress. Looking your best is always in style so don't take a chance on putting that outfit in the washer—bring it to us and let us help you protect it.

Customers know that we will do our best to treat a garment with the best care and the latest technology. All dry cleaning is handled in a fast and friendly manner, and most importantly, we treat each garment as if it was one of our own. No matter what the season or the outfit, River Parkway Laundry is your dry cleaning specialist!